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Thinking of Going All-Blond or All-Grey? Consider Mushroom Blond Instead!

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

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For some women, going grey is an easy transition. They simply let nature take control of their hair colour and wear their increasingly silver mane with grace. For others, visits to the hair salon become more frequent. They have their colour touched up as much as necessary to keep their grey hidden. The problem is that the greyer they get, the more difficult it is to cover it up.

More Hair Colour Means More Damage and Hair Loss

Most of us experience some degree of hair loss as we age. Hair also grows at a slower rate and becomes finer. It loses not only its colour but also its lustre and volume. At some point, many women make the choice to go either all-blond or all-grey to avoid using too much hair colour. There are pros and cons for each, but mushroom blond might provide a happy medium that is striking.

Going from Grey to Blond

For women with darker natural shades, random strands of grey may seem to appear sooner. Although women with all shades of hair begin to grey at nearly the same time, there is a stark difference between the dark brown or red and the grey.

Women who are already blonde might make the decision to stay that way. The idea of putting blond dye on grey hair sounds simple. But when hair loses its colour, it also becomes courser and resistant to dye. Hairdressers might double up on the coverage to roots and extending the processing time.

Women with highly resistant hair might use a developer to pre-soften the hair so it can better absorb the dye. Keeping hair blond once it turns grey means more trips to the hair salon, more chemicals, and more damage to the hair and scalp.

The transition can be more difficult for those with darker shades. While some choose to gradually transition to a lighter shade over time, it means removing the colour from the hair before adding the blond colour. Going from brunette to blonde is more than a single application. The hair goes through multiple levels to get to a light blond shade. At the same time, you’re trying to keep the incoming grey covered.

Going All-Grey

Transitioning to all-grey can take up to a year. For some women, it isn’t going grey that concerns them. It’s how their hair looks during the process. As the grey comes in, it might be in spots, yellow, or in different shades in various areas of the head.

During the time it takes to grow out the hair, hairdressers can apply toners to get rid of undesirable shades. They can add highlights or lowlights to even out the colour. Putting in more grey is even an option for those looking for more depth.

There is the option to strip the colour from hair, but it isn’t a good idea for everyone. The process leaves the hair without any pigment, meaning the grey must be applied.

What Is Mushroom Blond and How Does It Work?

Mushroom blond is in-between blonde and brunette. It is a kind of ashy blond, and it’s one of the trendy shades for summer. The silver highlights give it a stunning look that is a stylish option for women who aren’t ready to go all-blond or all-grey. What makes it such a great choice is that there are endless options for adding darker and lighter tones.

How to Get It

The process depends on how much colour is in the hair and how much will be in the final result. It depends on how much hair colour there is, how much grey, and what the desired look is. Clients can choose from silver blond, chunky blond highlights, or lowlights.

Generally, the process will include the following steps:

Bleaching the hair – Regardless of the hair shade, the hairdresser will need to be removing colour by adding highlights. Most of the time, foil highlights are used to get the best effects. It might take several appointments to lighten the hair to the level that is required.

Applying the toner – Toner is a lot different today than in the past. It no longer gives hair an unnatural pink or blue tone. Instead, it removes brassy tints and helps give the colour the desired impact. When creating mushroom blond, applying purple toner is essential. It gives the hair the ashy blond/grey appearance that you’re going for.

Keeping up the look – Purple shampoo will help neutralise any unwanted warmth in-between salon visits. A good conditioner is also essential. Natural grey hair is dryer and more susceptible to breakage. Chemical processes only add to the problem and make hair easier to damage.

Anyone who doesn’t have the desire or the patience to make the transition to all-blond or all-grey can find happiness with this trendy new hair colour. It allows them to keep some of their original shade while making the grey look brighter and more intentional!

For women who opt for mushroom blond hair to blend with their grey, it is recommended to avoid styles that are mostly dark at the roots. When the highlights are applied there, the incoming grey blends in and greatly reduces the need for visits to the hair salon.

Many women can alternate between having hair colour applied and simply applying toner. There is still a need for chemicals to achieve and maintain the look, but it does minimise their overall exposure to harsh hair dye.

There is also less of a transition than when going all-blond or all-grey. The grey hair begins to blend with the rest of the hair from the very first visit. If they don’t like the new look, they can have it dyed back to its original colour.

Another Reason You Need Hairdresser’s Insurance

Any hairdresser knows the risks associated with beauty processes and salon products. When it comes to new trends, those risks only increase. Hairdresser’s insurance gives you the confidence and security to offer your clients all the newest looks. Contact Salonsure to learn more about custom salon insurance for your hair salon.


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