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Lash Technicians Insurance

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Should You Get Eyelash Technician Insurance?

The eyelash services you provide to clients are at the core of your business (of course). But an important question you must ask yourself is, "what if something goes wrong?"

You will likely have Professional Liability and Public and Products Liability policies already. Many professionals think this is enough, so why wouldn’t you assume the same?

But will you remain fully protected from liability with these policies? Unfortunately, the answer is often “not quite.” You may still have exclusions for some elements of your professional service.

Eyelash technician insurance is tailored to specifically cover procedures and risks related to these techniques, tools, devices and actions. It has been built to cover all elements of this very particular type of technician-to-client service. That way, you can rest assured that all elements of your business are covered without any unexpected gaps in coverage.

Below, check out all the relevant information on which insurance options you should consider if you operate an Eyelash Technician business.

What Should Eyelash Technician Insurance Include?

Professional Indemnity Insurance

As a beauty industry professional, you'll want to ensure that you have adequate indemnity coverage.

If a client lodges a complaint about the services you or your employee provided, this insurance protects you from liability. Similarly, you are insured against damages for issues like breaches of customer data, character defamation, or even advice that leads to client harm.

General Property Insurance

Is your Eyelash Technician business mobile? If you take your services to different areas or to client homes, you will also need General Property Insurance.

This covers all the equipment you use while it is transported to each site. This includes protection from damage or loss due to theft, fire, traffic collisions, and other accidents. You may also require Mechanical Equipment Insurance depending on what you typically transport.

Commercial Motor Insurance

While General Property Insurance covers what is in your commercial vehicles, Commercial Motor Insurance covers the vehicles themselves. This insurance works like typical auto insurance, but it extends to vehicles for commercial use.

Remember, you can't use personal auto insurance for commercial business purposes! If you have an accident without Commercial Motor Insurance while on a mobile visit, you may find your claim rejected.

Public Liability Insurance

Any business which provides a personal service to clients will need Public Liability Insurance. These coverage points protect you against claims of damage or injury by third parties inside of your primary place of business.

For instance, if a slip causes you to injure someone's eye or a client has a fall on their way out, your business will stay protected.

Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability keeps your business covered from third-party claims of injury or damage from items used or sold in your business. For example, if you sell a conditioning agent for eyebrows that causes injury, you could be held liable even if you did not manufacture it. Therefore, having this insurance is essential.

Get a Customised Eyelash Technician Insurance Quote

All these policies could make the idea of full coverage overwhelming for an Eyelash Technician. You don’t want to break the bank with too much unnecessary insurance. But you don’t want to face inadequate insurance when the time comes, either.

One of the most frustrating elements of the insurance process is thinking you have all your bases covered only to find out you’re missing something. This is not only frustrating; it could cost you significantly when it comes to liability.

In times like this, it is recommended to speak with a professional to connect the dots and find the best possible options for you.

Rather than stress yourself out about getting coverage, why not make it easy with Eyelash Technician Insurance in Australia? Call us on 07 3135 7436 to learn more.


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