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Hairdresser Insurance

business insurance for a hairdressing salon

Hairdresser Insurance

There are several factors to consider when determining which hair salon insurance befits your business. Different policies will cover different businesses and requirements and special care must always be taken when considering which hairdresser insurance policy will fit your particular needs.

While it may be pricey at times, it certainly helps alleviate any stresses that come up when accidents do happen which can yield a much higher payment from your business without proper coverage. Having comprehensive and specified coverage will not only help your business stay financially secure, but your employees will also appreciate having a safety cushion for the unforeseeable.

Packaged Insurance For Hairdressers & Businesses

One vital policy pack that is heavily encouraged for any sized company is the ‘Business Pack’ cover. This policy package enables flexibility to select specific sections for use or to opt for the full package depending on your particular situation.


Often businesses will start with the ‘Public Liability’ section of the pack to protect their business in the event a third party obtains personal injury or property damage whilst in the salon.


You may also want to consider the ‘Property and Theft’ sections of the pack. This will protect your stock and contents in the event of a fire, theft, malicious damage, etc.


As far as coverage for hairstylists and businesses goes, the pack is certainly a foundational one. Especially as it can save you a lot of time and headache in attempting to piece together total coverage with individual options from different companies.

Public & Products Liability Coverage

Public & Products Liability coverage options are designed to protect your business in the event of an unforeseeable accident in which a third party obtains a personal injury or property damage due to business negligence.

This is certainly recommended hair salon insurance as your employees will spend all day treating clients with; facials, massage, waxing, even hair colouring which all carry inherent risks.


This coverage will protect your business in the cases you or your employees damage a client’s personal belongings. For example, you might accidentally spill hair dye on a Gucci handbag or clothes belonging to a client.

If a client is to make a claim against your business and you are found to be negligent, your provider of hair salon insurance will pay to repair or replace the personal property damage. In the event of a personal injury claim, the hairdresser insurance provider will pay for their medical expenses and could even cover forms of compensation depending on the circumstance.


Without Public Liability insurance for hairdressers, a claim made against your business can be financially devastating. That’s why it is essential to protect your business and your employees from potential legal blowback.

General Property Insurance For Hairdressers

​In the industry, working mobile is quite common and essential, often you will find yourself travelling for weddings or special events. General property insurance for hairdressers is a great option to cover your equipment while you are mobile or travelling between client locations.


This type of cover protects your equipment from all types of damage from fire to theft. Some policies will also include accidental damage as coverage. When searching for the right hairdresser insurance packs, consider asking for a supplementary General Property quotation.


Hairdresser Insurance Quotation

Luckily obtaining a comprehensive and personalised policy quote in Australia is simple with SalonSure. Simply click on our Quote options to get the ball rolling and soon we will be able to work together to find a policy and package that suits your specific needs.


All you need to do is contact us via the links below or call us on 07 3135 7436.

hairdresser insurance
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