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Massage Therapist Insurance

business insurance for a massage therapist

Massage Therapist Insurance

As a salon owner offering an array of massage treatments to your clients, you need to ensure that your company and staff are protected in any instance where something goes wrong.

While you may assume that employing only licensed therapists is all you need to offer professional massage therapy services and ensure the safety of your clients, it’s equally important to have the right type of massage insurance. This is especially important in case of an unexpected liability, such as a client becoming injured or suffering some unexpected side effects associated with a massage.

If your facility offers home services, damage to property other than your own can become an unfortunate result of conducting services outside of your business premises.

Remember that as a massage therapy service, your staff are literally providing hands-on treatment to clients – whether to alleviate pain, promote relaxation, facilitate healing, improve circulation, reduce anxiety, improve skin tone, or develop a general feeling of well-being.

These services are certainly invaluable to your clients. However, because of the direct physical contact and manipulation that the massage practice entails, there could be risks involved. So, to minimise any risks to you, your staff, and your business, your best bet is to get the right massage insurance cover.

At Salonsure, our objective is to ensure salon business owners are able to significantly reduce their risk exposure by providing a range of custom massage therapist insurance policies appropriate to their business.

Some types of recommended insurance for massage therapist include Public & Products Liability, Professional Indemnity, and even General Property Insurance and Commercial Motor Insurance.


Public & Products Liability Insurance


All businesses that provide personal services to clients need public and products liability insurance besides massage insurance. This type of cover is designed to protect your business if you or an employee causes third-party personal injury or third-party property damage due to negligence.

If you offer massage services such as hot stone massage, Thai poultice, bamboo, deep tissue, lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, Swiss or remedial massage, having public liability insurance is critical. This type of insurance for massage therapist will protect your staff and salon in the unfortunate instance that a client suffers a personal injury during treatment or simply whilst inside salon premises.

Public liability insurance for massage therapist will also protect your business if a client’s personal belongings are damaged whilst inside the salon or receiving massage therapy. An example of this would be accidentally spilling hot oil onto a client’s clothes or expensive branded handbag or shoes. In case something like this happens, and the client makes a claim against your business and negligence on your side is established, you will not need to compensate them directly.

Your insurance provider will pay to repair or replace any property that is damaged. In case of a personal injury claim, your insurer will pay for the claimant’s medical expenses and could even cover certain types of compensation.

Whatever type of massage practice you run, any claims made against your business can cause significant stress. However, having public liability insurance for a massage therapist can help alleviate this stress. Without it, any claims made against your establishment can cause both financial and reputational harm, so make sure your business is protected with massage insurance.

Meanwhile, products liability insurance protects your business from claims of third-party injuries or third-party property damage arising from the use or sale of certain products in your salon.

In case a client is injured or their property is damaged due to these products, you need products liability insurance which is highly significant in your massage insurance. It doesn’t matter whether you manufacture these products yourself or act as a reseller for another company’s products. What is important is that you are adequately covered for these just-in-case scenarios that can affect and even lead to the ruin of your business.


Professional Indemnity Insurance


As massage therapy requires direct physical contact to administer massages, it’s crucial to have professional indemnity insurance in addition to massage parlour insurance. This type of massage insurance protects you in case a client complains about a massage they received from your establishment.

Professional indemnity insurance for massage therapists also protects your business from client complaints arising from any advice given from the client within the context of the massage service, inadvertent breach of confidentiality, defamation, and the loss of client information and documents.

Examples of these complaints include bruising from a massage or side effects such as blood clots, nausea, and vomiting that were not properly explained to the client or stated in a waiver.

In such cases, professional indemnity insurance on top of massage parlour insurance can substantially reduce your risks as it would cover court-related expenses and court-ordered compensation.


General Property Insurance


If your salon offers home or mobile massage services to clients, you’ll need protection for any equipment or stock required to administer the service off-site. This is where general property insurance comes in on top of your massage insurance.

With this type of insurance for a massage therapist, you are protected for any damage or loss to your stock or equipment from fire, collision, and theft.


Commercial Motor Insurance


Offering mobile or home massage therapies entails the use of a commercial vehicle, which is why you need to have commercial motor insurance alongside massage insurance.

This type of cover is similar to personal car insurance, which can be extended to include vehicle branding. In case you use your vehicle for commercial purposes but don’t have commercial vehicle insurance, your provider might not accept any claims made for theft or collisions related to the practice of your business.

Business Insurance Pack


At Salonsure, we understand that getting all the aforementioned insurances may not be cost-effective for businesses, so what we’ve done is come up with the Massage Therapist Business Insurance Pack.

This special package is tailored to encompass a suite of policies required by most businesses, including protection for massage therapy service. This massage therapist insurance also covers any commercial buildings you own or lease for your business, plus any contents, equipment, and stock. It protects you from any loss or damage due to forceful entry and machinery or equipment breakdowns.

What’s more, the Massage Therapist Business Insurance Pack also includes Business Interruption Insurance to cover your financial outgoings in the unfortunate circumstance that your business is unable to operate due to a disaster.

General property insurance, public liability insurance, and cover for tax audits, goods in transit, theft of money, and glass breakage are also included in this insurance for massage therapists.

The package offers excellent protection to make your life easier. You also have the option to take additional policies from your massage insurance you deem essential to run your business with complete peace of mind.

Protecting your massage therapy practice in Australia is very easy with massage insurance. To get started, contact Salonsure by clicking on the links below or calling us directly on 07 3135 7436.

Massage Therapist Insurance
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