Beauty Insurance

business insurance for a beauty salon

Beauty Insurance


Do you need beauty salon insurance? As the owner of a salon offering a specific list of personal treatments to your clients, you understand that reducing your risks is one of the keys to your success. At Salonsure, we help you to reduce these risks by providing a suite of insurance policies designed explicitly for your business.


Suppose your salon offers treatments like cosmetic tattoos, skin needling, and laser to your clients. In that case, you not only need this type of insurance, but you also need Public & Products Liability, Professional Indemnity, and even General Property Insurance and Commercial Motor Insurance as well. We will also take a look at our Business Insurance Pack, as it covers many of these insurances for your business. Let's start by looking at beauty salon insurance, and then we will move onto the other insurances previously listed, so you have a comprehensive overview of the insurance policies you need to protect your business.

Beauty Salon Insurance

When sourcing a Public & Products Liability insurance for a beauty salon, it is important to read through the exclusions shown on the policy schedule. Not every insurer will cover every treatment you may perform, so it is important to make sure every treatment is covered. The best way to find out if you are unsure is to talk to your broker. It is common for treatments such as solariums, body piercings, henna, lymphatic drainage massage, laser, and cosmetic enhancements such as injectables to not be covered.

Here at Salonsure, our team will ensure your beauty therapy insurance is adequately covered to meet your business needs.

Beauty salons tend to have a lot of stock and contents and often wouldn't be able to operate without them. Obtaining the right beauty insurance to protect yourself in case of a fire or theft is essential. This type of cover would fall under the property and theft section on a business pack insurance policy.

Public & Products Liability Insurance

Public & Products Liability insurance is designed to protect your business in the event of an unforeseeable accident in which a third party obtains personal unjust or property damage due to your negligence.

Considering beauty and hair salons will spend all day treating clients with facials, massage, waxing, or hair colouring, public liability insurance is important. This type of beauty therapist insurance will protect your salon in the event a third party obtains a personal injury during treatment or simply while in your salon. It will also protect your business in case you damage their personal belongings. For example, you might accidentally spill wax onto your client's Gucci handbag or on their clothes.

Suppose a client is to claim against your business and you are found to be negligent. In that case, your insurer will pay to repair or replace the property damage caused, or in the event of a personal injury claim, the insurer will pay for their medical expenses. It could even pay for forms of compensation.


Whether you have a salon or a mobile business, claims made against your business can be very stressful. A beauty treatment insurance will help take some of the stress away.

Without public liability insurance, a claim made against your business can be financially devastating. That is why it is essential to protect your business with public liability insurance.




Professional indemnity insurance

As a professional in the beauty industry, it makes sense that you also need Professional Indemnity Insurance

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