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How to Operate a Beauty Salon from Home

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Home Beauty Salon Insurance

There are multiple benefits to running a beauty salon from home. For one, eliminating the costs of maintaining a separate facility means you can make a lot more money! Another benefit is having the freedom to work a flexible schedule. If you have other commitments, simply schedule your appointments around them.

Operating your beauty salon from home might also increase your clientele. When nearby residents look for “a beauty salon near me,” many will be happy to find a professional salon so close to home. Before you start booking appointments, you need to take some steps to secure the long-term success of your salon business.

Planning for the Success of Your Business

Running a salon from home means more freedom — but also more responsibility. You must make every decision about how your business looks and operates. That means carefully planning out every detail before inviting clients into your home salon. Below are some important steps for making your salon successful.

1. Learn About Local Regulations – Every area has unique regulations and requirements for running home-based businesses. Contact your local council to ensure your home salon is compliant with the local zoning regulations. The council can advise you on whether you need any special permits.

Health and safety regulations also vary by state and territory, but most require you to register with your local council. You might have additional requirements if you plan to provide beauty services that penetrate the skin such as cosmetic tattooing.

Beauty salon owners must meet additional requirements such as having adequate lighting and practising hygiene procedures. Make sure you understand and comply with all these requirements to avoid penalties that could hurt your business.

Finally, learn your options for parking and for placing signage for your business. Again, you might need special permits if you plan to have clients park on the street.

Once you know your requirements for starting and operating a beauty salon from home, you can develop a plan for your new business.

2. Create a Dedicated Workspace – It is essential to separate your salon business from your personal life. Start by designating an area that is just for work which is separate from your living space. You want clients to feel like they are in a professional setting — not in your kitchen or living room!

Make sure you remove any distractions that will interfere with your work. Don’t have a TV blaring with your favourite soap opera or your home line ringing.

One of the benefits of running your salon from home is that you don’t have to invest in expensive waiting room furniture. Still, you do need at least a couple of nice seats. Even if you limit your clients to those that book ahead, you need a comfortable place for them to wait while you finish with the previous appointment. You also want to provide space in case they bring a friend along.

If you plan on allowing walk-ins, seating is even more important. If a potential new client drops by, you want to encourage them to wait until you are finished with the person in the chair.

3. Determine What Equipment You Need – Make a list of all the equipment you will need. You don’t have to invest in the most expensive salon chair or wet sink, but you do need professional salon equipment. The more services you offer, the larger your investment will be. Start checking out your options early on to find out where you will get the best buys or, if needed, the most flexible financing options.

When planning your beauty salon, include appropriate cabinets for storing your supplies. Displaying your products on open shelves or in the corner of the room looks cluttered and unprofessional.

Consider investing in a dedicated phone line for your salon. Either use an answering machine and return client calls or hire an answering service.

4. Keep Comprehensive Records – Document the cost of equipment, any services you pay for, and the cost of supplies. Also, keep records of the services you provide to each client. List each product you use and the colour of hair dye you use on them. Not only will this help you provide the same service each time they come back, but it will also protect you in case a client has a reaction to something you used.

5. Build a Website – Give new clients something to look at when they search for a “beauty salon near me.” A well-constructed website will include a list of services, directions to your location, images, and information about your credentials. You can also sell beauty products online and increase your profits. An estimated 81.5% of people search for products online and that number is expected to grow.

6. Set Your Prices – It’s up to you how much to charge for your services, but use caution about over-pricing. Your clients won’t expect to pay as much at your home business as they would in a high-end salon. Take some time to build a client base and earn some positive reviews. Once you have a reputation for delivering top-quality results, you can begin increasing your prices gradually.

7. Invest in the Right Beauty Insurance – Operating a business at home makes you vulnerable to any of the risks or hazards in the industry. Even if your home is insured, your coverage probably won’t extend to any losses related to your home-based salon.

There is no one-size-fits-all insurance package that works for every salon. Getting the right beauty insurance for your business is essential. Without it, one incident could mean losing everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Some types of beauty insurance to consider include:

  • Public & Product Liability – Protects your business in case of a third-party personal injury or property damage caused by your negligence.

  • Professional Indemnity – Protects you against financial losses resulting from legal action taken against you for the services you provided or recommendations you made.

  • General Property – Protects your salon from fire, theft, and collision while you are away.

  • Management Liability – Protects salon owners who employ staff.

Why You Need Salonsure

At Salonsure, we specialise in beauty insurance. We can help you get the perfect package for your salon business no matter where you work or the services you provide. Don’t put all of your hard work at risk. Contact us for more information on getting the right coverage for your home salon.


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