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How to Find and Retain the Best People for Your Salon

How to Find and Retain the Best Staff for Your Salon

Any salon owner fully understands that success depends on finding and retaining the right staff. So often now, this requires a focus on Gen-Z recruits, but what are they looking for and what will they expect from you? How will they affect you as you focus on staff recruitment and retention goals?

Be Ready to Move with the Times

The first thing to remember is that time does not stand still. If you’ve owned your salon for some time, you should understand that the way people live and work has changed, and many younger people view 'careers' in a very different light. As a salon owner, you may need to reinvent your business in several ways to cope with the new reality. And this means that when you’re conducting staff recruitment in the Australian world of today, you may have to understand that people’s priorities are different. Consequently, a potential worker may expect much more from you going forward.

Understand What Your Prospects Are Looking For

Today's younger people understand that the job market is fluid and may be ready to move from one place to the next rather than trying to stay with one employer at length. They may be a lot more critical as they assess each offer and look through the details of a particular job through a specific prism.

Champion Equality

Equality may be fundamental. Your potential staff members may believe they deserve respect right from the start and view the employer/employee relationship as equal. Many salon owners who have been in business for a long time may think that respect has to be earned and only comes with time, so this may be a major shift for some.

Understand Digitalisation

Generation Z grew up in the digital era and expect to see a large degree of digitalisation wherever they go. So they may look for the latest technology at work and will not be too engaged if you like to do things 'the old way'.

Offer Flexible Working Solutions

The 9-to-5 way of working is on its way out, hastened by the pandemic. As such, Generation Z prospects expect full flexibility and a much more defined work/life balance. Don’t be surprised if some people from this generation would rather work a couple (or even three) part-time jobs instead of maintaining one full-time position. They may also be interested in doing some voluntary work and will be searching for flexibility wherever they can. So, if you can offer them non-traditional working hours and give them this flexibility, they’ll be more likely to work with your organisation and stay the distance.

Align with Their Meaning of Life

Furthermore, a job must be more than a simple means to an end. It must have some purpose in their life, or Generation Z workers may not be too interested. Can you be sure your salon is more than a service provider? Do you pay close attention to sustainability issues or have a charity element aligned with your purpose? If you can show that your company is a great place to be for those who care about others and the environment, your company may be more attractive to Generation Z prospects.

Look Better Than the Alternative

Some Generation Z workers may be more inclined to seek a short career in public service if this aligns with their goals and needs. After all, many public jobs today offer a great work/life balance with very flexible terms and conditions. Also, these jobs tend to be more stable from a long-term point of view. Others may flock to start-ups if such organisations align with their principles. A start-up often has a very passionate purpose and is entirely fuelled by growth prospects. This combination could give Generation Z employees more meaning in their everyday.

Prepare to Act

Now that you know more about Generation Z psychology, how can you make your salon a more attractive place?

Firstly, you must be open to making changes and have a flexible mindset for the future. You will only be able to attract a diverse set of people if they can see that you are innovative and not set in your ways. So, embrace technology and show that you are digitally fluent as well. Move some of your marketing techniques to social media and other more modern solutions, and don’t be afraid to ask younger staff members for their input.

Remember That Learning Is a Two-Way Street

Your new staff members may certainly be looking to you and more senior employees for guidance, training and development. However, look at the relationship in a mirror and ensure that your new recruits can also teach you something. Establish a way to utilise the skills of the younger generations in your business to help all your staff members (regardless of age or experience) grow.

Embrace Criticism When Needed

Many salon owners are rightly proud of their achievements and may often shy away from criticism in any shape or form. However, if you believe that your way is the only way, you may lose valuable workers to your competition. Instead, invite them to critique your business from top to bottom. Be prepared to make fundamental changes where necessary, and remember that you are trying to create a business with a very fair work/life balance for all involved. The more you can align your salon to the Generation Z lifestyle or strike a balance somewhere in between, the better off you may be.

Champion Creativity

Remember, those who want to work in a salon must express their creativity. So, show them that you appreciate their skills and will listen to (and implement) some of their ideas. If you can create an environment where workers are appreciated and feel a part of a definitive team, you may find it easier to retain valuable staff.

Make Sure That You Protect Your Salon As You Grow

Pay close attention to your business fundamentals as you focus on staff recruitment. Ensure that your salon will be around for the long haul, and protect it from external threats by having robust protection in place. When did you last review your salon insurance by asking experts for some input? If it’s been a while, contact the professionals at Salonsure today for some valuable advice.


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