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Hot New Salon Trends for 2023

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

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The pandemic changed the way Aussies did a lot of things, including buying and applying beauty products. For two years, there was less of a focus on keeping up with the latest trends in hair salon styles and colour and more on learning how to do your own colour at home. Beauty and hair salons saw fewer clients in person, and many increased their online sales.

Now that things are slowly returning to normal, some of the salon trends that became popular during Covid are still going strong. Some clients prefer to purchase items online instead of in person. There is also a lot of excitement about potential new looks, better beauty treatments, and the changes that beauty technology will bring to the future.

As we draw closer to 2023, these are some salon trends to watch out for:

A Focus on Diversity and Sustainability

The beauty industry has come out of the pandemic with a new focus on diversity. The beauty standard is changing, leaning more towards the preferences of the client than the makers of beauty products. Instead of the beauty industry telling clients what the most popular look is, the clients are making choices about which looks they want to wear.

Expect to see salon trends with a lot of emphasis on bold colours in hair, makeup, and nail colours. It’s also more about self-expression and finding ways to put an individual spin on the looks that everyone is wearing.

Sustainability continues to be important to people going forward, meaning consumers will look closer at the companies they buy products from. Those that have a smaller environmental footprint will be more popular than those that don’t consider the environment a priority. At the same time, consumers will consider the efficacy of the brand and lean towards organic and natural ingredients. For example, products that come in recycled containers might be in greater demand for their packaging than for the contents.

Or It will be important for salon owners to know their products and the companies that make them going forward. Giving clients what they want is no longer just about matching colours or cutting hair according to the latest salon trends.

Advances in Beauty Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is continuing to grow in capability, adding automation to nearly everything people do. It will also play a bigger role than ever before in the beauty industry — for example, virtual makeup try-on and AI-powered beauty products search.

DNA analysis is also taking place in beauty technology. The availability of DNA analysis is giving people the tools they need to learn more about their genetic makeup. Options to match DNA to products will allow clients to get personalised formulas for hair and skin care, as well as their skin types and shades.

Salon Trends for Skin Care

Advanced Skin Care

There is already a lot of hype around Profhilo, and it’s expected to grow more popular next year. Profhilo is an injectable moisturiser that many are dubbing the “future of skin care.” Treatments consist of injections of high concentrations of pure hyaluronic acid. It has a specially formulated composition that causes even spreading under the skin. Treatments result in instantly hydrated skin with boosted collagen and elastin production.

But what does Profhilo do? It reduces the signs of ageing, including fine lines, crepey skin, and uneven texture. Treatments also increase elasticity, and it’s ideal for all skin types and ages. Profhilo isn’t a filler, but it might take a fair share of the market for clients who want to rejuvenate their skin more than increasing volume or changing contour.

Laser Beauty Treatments

Lasers have been popular for all types of salon treatments for many years. The Byonik® Pulse Triggered Laser is the newest laser-powered beauty tool that boasts painless, non-invasive individualised treatments. The laser is triggered by your heartbeat, making it the only tool on the market that offers individualised treatment to each client.

The Byonik® laser helps clients achieve instant results. Clients feel more beautiful after one treatment, and they experience firmer and more hydrated skin. The end result is more rejuvenated and tighter skin. There is no heat produced during treatment, and it doesn’t cause trauma or redness to the treatment area. This new beauty technology offers less risk to your clients than ablative treatments and less risk to your salon business.

Trends in Hair Salon Services

Side Parts and Wet Hair

Trends in hair salon styles are always a big deal in the beauty industry, and the early looks for 2023 are no exception. It isn’t just side parts, but those that are way down the side and are made to look wet are the most popular. It takes the right hair gel and glossing spray to get the perfect wet look.

Shades of Red with an Emphasis on Copper

Red is always a hair colour trend that never really goes out of style. Moving into 2023, you can expect copper tones to become even more popular. Red pigment is more prone to fading, meaning clients who take the plunge will be coming back more often for touch-ups. Another option is to offer clients a weekly treatment using a copper-pigmented treatment mask to help keep the colour rich.

Platinum is expected to be one of the popular colour trends in hair salons, giving clients a lighter, brighter option. It takes bleaching agents, hydrating masks, toners, and a lot of hydrogen peroxide to achieve the perfect platinum colour.

There’s always room for a culinary-inspired colour, and 2023 is no exception. Mushroom blonde is expected to be a popular choice next year. It is an ashen shade of blonde with cool, silver-like tones. To achieve mushroom blonde hair, you must use a variety of blonde shades, beige and silver-grey to create the look of earthy mushrooms.

From Microblading to Laminating

Microblading became one of the most popular beauty treatments in 2022, offering people a semi-permanent solution to thinning or over-plucked brows. Laminating is expected to join microblading in 2023 as a good method of improving the look of brows without any downtime. It makes brows thicker and shapelier without the needle or commitment from microblading.

More Grooming Products for Men

The market for male grooming products has been increasing over the past few years. Now, product manufacturers are responding by offering more extended lines and personalised products to meet a variety of needs. Look for a bigger demand in men’s skincare, hair care, and shaving.

What’s New in Beauty Insurance for 2023

Any time that you offer a new product or treatment to your clients, there are new risks. The right beauty insurance is customised to the services you provide. Contact Salonsure to learn which type of beauty insurance is right for your beauty business. Offer your clients the services needed to keep you competitive without worrying about the potential problems that might arise.


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