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Do Massage Therapists Need Insurance?

Whether you run a home based massage business or rent a room in a massage salon, a common question you may ask yourself is do I need a massage therapist insurance policy? The short answer is yes and in this blog, we will explain why.

Massage Therapist Insurance

Massage therapist insurance will help protect your business in case a client suffers an injury during a treatment or whilst in your salon. For example, they may trip over some oil on the floor and injure themselves or they may have an adverse reaction to the oils you use during a treatment. Massage therapist insurance will help take the financial stress away in the event a client sues you for personal injury. Without massage therapist insurance a claim against your business could send you bankrupt.

Mobile Massage Therapist Insurance

What if I travel to see clients? Well, your massage therapist insurance can help keep you covered while you are mobile in case of a third-party personal injury or third-party property damage claim. You may also want to consider covering your stock and equipment while you are mobile in case of a fire, theft, or collision, and of course, you should make sure your vehicle is insured.

Massage Therapist Insurance Prices

Prices can vary depending on the level of cover you would like. It can start as little as $300 or be as expensive as $1,000+. The size of your business will also play a factor in the massage therapist insurance premiums. The easiest way to find out how much massage therapist insurance will cost is to contact us for a quick quote:

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