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Cultivating Habits to Save Your Hair Colour

Cultivating Habits to Save Your Hair Colour

When clients invest in a particular hair colour, they want to ensure it lasts a long time. While salon owners will obviously want these customers to return as frequently as possible, they’ll also want to ensure that those clients are happy with their experience. So as a salon owner, how do you advise them to cultivate habits so that they can retain their hair colour for as long as possible?

Nothing beats the happy smile you see as a satisfied client leaves the salon. They have their new semi-permanent hair colour and thus want it to last before they have to come back for another visit. Still, you can show that you really care about their satisfaction by advising them to follow these tips:

Unfortunately, many shampoos contain sulphates, which can cause the colour to fade quite quickly. Encourage your customer to take a product with more gentle and colour-safe formulas instead of any harsh sulphates. The better products will strengthen the hair while also protecting it against any colour fade. The secret is to lock in the hair colour while nourishing the roots at the same time.

It's a good idea to recommend that your customer shampoo less frequently. Many people are accustomed to doing this each day when they jump in a shower, but they can benefit by making this an alternate-day habit instead. They may want to explore some dry shampoo products that can absorb some excess oil and help keep their hair looking fresh during the interim.

The deeper the hair colour, the larger the individual molecules and the more likelihood that hot water will cause some degradation. This is why your customer should turn down the thermostat and make sure that their shower water is not as hot as it would otherwise be. This is equally as important when it comes to protecting the natural hair colour as it would be for something artificial.

It may be easier said than done, but recommend anyway that your client consider avoiding hard water. This type of water can make even the best head of hair look lacklustre or dull; in this case, it won’t be easy to hold on to those colour molecules. Your client may use a filter over a shower head to eliminate some of the problems, especially if they live in an area where hard water is prevalent.

This advice may seem counterintuitive to many customers, as they automatically reach for the blow dryer whenever they get out of the shower. However, recommend that they allow their hair to dry naturally without the use of a blow dryer. Direct heat can open up the cuticles and let those colour molecules escape quickly.

If they insist on blow drying, suggest that they set the device to its lowest possible heat setting and keep it further away from the hair as they dry. Certainly, it will take longer to dry this way, but it will also minimise the effects of that heat.

If your customer has never tried a hair mask, they can do so at least once per week. This will allow them to apply a deep conditioner, which should allow their hair to appear more vibrant. As you know, many different products are on the market, so you should inspect the hair and give appropriate advice. This is especially important for colour-treated hair, which also has a tendency to dehydrate.

If your customer loves visiting the local swimming pool or a relaxing afternoon on the beach, tell them to protect their hair before diving in. Unfortunately, chlorine and salt water can cause hair colouring to fade quickly. They may cover their hair or apply a conditioning mask before they take to the water.

Some people are prone to dry hair, which can exacerbate any colour loss, as it is more porous. You’ll be able to tell if your customer has this type of hair that can be easily damaged, so you might want to recommend a type of at-home treatment. Certain products can treat damaged or brittle hair, which should help to lock in that colour at the same time.

It’s never a good idea to spend long periods of time in the direct sun. This is especially so when it comes to protecting that hairdo. Lengthy exposure to harsh UV rays will warm the hair and tend to give it more of a bleached appearance. In this case, the solution is relatively simple: suggest that the client wear a hat or other covering if they need to spend long periods of time outside in direct sunlight. The more they keep their colour undercover, the better it will be.

Curling wands and flat irons may be great styling tools, but they can certainly do a number on the hair. These hot tools can develop thermal damage and cause the colour to fade. However, there are some heat protection products in the form of a spray that your client can use before they sit in front of the mirror. This should help to minimise the amount of damage while allowing them to style as much as they want.

With careful and tailored advice, you can help to keep your customer happy and ensure that their newly coloured hair remains in good shape. But always be careful with your recommendations and try to avoid any misinterpretations along the way.

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