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Beautician Insurance – How important really is it?

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

As a beauty salon owner, you already have a lot on your plate, so finding the time to consider something as mundane as beautician insurance policies can be overwhelming. The problem is that insurance cover can make a huge difference to your business, particularly if you don’t have it!

If you give it some serious thought however, you will realise that without insurance cover, you are leaving your business wide open to real risks. What are these risks? Well how about not cleaning your salon correctly? Not recommending the appropriate beauty treatments or not keeping up to date with growing trends? These are three general risk areas that can result in customers becoming ill, injured or simply dissatisfied with your services. Let’s take a look at each of these areas in turn, so that you can understand the risks faced by your business without the right type of beautician insurance policies in place.

Not adhering to safe cleaning practices

Across Australia there are clear hygiene, infection control and sterilisation standards that apply to beauty salons. Keeping specific types of equipment and tools sterilised is essential, whilst other equipment needs to be kept clean and hygienic. Any potential for cross contamination between customers must be eliminated, and bacteria and viruses given no opportunity to proliferate. In addition, floors need to be kept free of debris and spills to prevent customers and staff slipping and injuring themselves on the premises. In essence, beauty salons need to be spotlessly clean at all times. If there is any lapse in cleanliness that leads to injury or disease, the right type of beautician insurance can prevent your salon from suffering a significant loss to both your reputation and your profit margins.

Not recommending suitable beauty treatments

A beautician is expected to assess a customer’s skin (or other issues) correctly, recommending suitable treatments. They should also be proficient in applying facials and makeup, organising tanning sessions, waxing and laser treatments, manicures, pedicures and so on. They also need to provide advice on a variety of different treatments, such as slimming products and beauty products. However, if you inadvertently recommend the wrong type of treatment that either injures your customer or doesn’t give them the effect they desire, you can end up in court. This is where the right type of beautician insurance can help to protect your business from financial loss.

Not keeping up to date with growing trends

If you can’t give your customers advice that is up to date and on-trend, you can go out of business very quickly, simply because customers lack confidence in your salon. A lack of confidence can make customers more likely to voice complaints if they do book into your salon, reducing your reputation and losing even more customers, as they tell their friends about their poor experience. Your competition then has a clear path to overwhelming your business, placing your livelihood at risk.

The majority of these problems can be resolved to your satisfaction with the right combination of beautician insurance policies. Call us on 0480 154 701 for more information or ask us for a quick online quote.

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